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With Opera 3 Business Intelligence tools you get precisely what you need to know without wasting valuable time.

With Opera 3, you have advanced intelligence working for you; and it's not just us saying that: Pegasus XRL has won awards for its features, while Pegasus Dashboards will revolutionise the way you view the information you need.

  • Pegasus XRL

    >>> See it in action Watch the pre-recorded Pegasus XRL webinar.

    Pegasus XRL allows Microsoft Excel to access live data in Opera 3 at the click of a mouse, so you don’t have to copy and paste, re-key or work out formulas. For years, accounting system users have had to struggle with complicated and inflexible reporting tools that are supposed to make things easier. In reality, they make extracting data into Excel a real trial.

    XRL brings such struggles to an end. Pegasus XRL is our award-winning Business Intelligent application which seamlessly links your Opera 3 financial information with Microsoft Excel in a couple of simple steps.


    Seamless Integration with Microsoft Excel Access XRL features within Microsoft Excel
    Summary or Detailed Reports Reports are easily created using the XRL Report Wizard
    Powerful Designer The XRL Report Designer allows reports to be designed and styled to your exact requirements
    Transaction Drilldown Not only can XRL produce reports rapidly, but it also provides multi-level drilldown to the underlying transactions
    Report Library Keep useful reports in a central repository for immediate access at any time
    Dynamic Links Cells in Excel can be dynamically linked to Opera 3, ensuring the latest information is always displayed
    Cube Analysis Allows data to be manipulated in many ways. Cube analysis allows data to be:
    • Sliced (eg breakdown company turnover by customer)
    • Diced (see which products customers buy)
    • Drilled (see details of every invoice for that customer and product)
    • Charted (provides a concise and clear visual representation of the data)
    • Distributed (results can be saved as an Excel spreadsheet or in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format
    Pivot Table Creation Simply tick a box to produce an XRL report as an Excel Pivot Table for further data manipulation
    Data Send Allows Nominal Budgets, Price Lists and Stock Adjustments to be easily uploaded from Pegasus XRL to Opera 3
    Macro Manager Allows non-technical users to automate their Excel Workbooks
    Security Access to data is fully controlled by the Opera 3 Security Manager
    CRM XRL reports seamlessly against CRM
    Pegasus CIS In addition to Opera 3, XRL can report against all variants of Pegasus CIS
    Operations II In addition to Opera 3, XRL can also be used with Operations II, our manufacturing solution

  • Pegasus Instant Messenger (PIM) 

    Pegasus Instant Messenger (PIM) helps release the business-critical information held within your system via pro-active alerts. PIM is Opera 3’s unique real-time reporting, scheduling and instant messaging tool, designed to address the challenges organisations face when attempting to manage and distribute business information. 

    In today's age, nobody can afford to wait for monthly or weekly management reports to determine the health of their business; PIM automatically distributes real-time, business-critical information in the form of a discreet pop-up instant message, as and when you need it.
    pim 0


    Schedule and Distribute Reports Instruct the system to run specific reports at a scheduled time and day
    Configure Reports Reports are easy to create using simple or advanced wizards.
    Report Archive Easily display a list of reports you (or another user) have received historically using the Message Manager
    Instant Messaging Avoid e-mail spam and clutter by using Instant Messaging to distribute reports. Popups appear on users screens using a colour coded message to announce the priority and availability of new reports
    Instant Notes Record a time and date stamped note for a colleague and use the PIM framework to send it to them
    PIM Chat Use the PIM Instant Messenger framework to contact and collaborate with other users
    E-mail Reports For remote offices or contacts select to distribute reports by e-mail
    Widely Available PIM is available to all users on the network
    Operations II In addition to Opera 3, PIM can also be used with Operations II, our manufacturing solution
    Context Sensitive Help Comprehensive and easy to use Help facilities
  • Reporter

    Report Manager Allows users to easily create their own reports, to supplement those already provided. Select the report basis (table), field order and sequence and define relational and logical operators
    Batch Reporting Allows a batch of reports to be run in a single process
    Security Apply security access to newly created reports
    Append to Report Menu Allows reports to be appended to the associated module report menu
    Report Output Includes output to screen, printer and file. Reports can also be exported in various formats for further data manipulation
    E-mail Allows reports to be e-mailed to remote offices or colleagues
    Context Sensitive Help Comprehensive and easy to use Help facilities

    EC VAT

    Countries Create Country codes for those countries your company trades with
    Transport Modes Create Transport Mode codes, to be shown on the Supplementary Declaration
    Transaction Nature Create Nature of Transaction (NoTC) codes for reporting purposes
    Commodity Codes Create Commodity Codes to classify goods for reporting purposes
    Delivery Terms Create codes that define the terms of delivery, to be shown on the Supplementary Declaration
    ESL Report The EC Sales List report can generate an XML upload file for transmission to HMRC via their website.
    Comprehensive Reports Comprehensive ESL, SD and VAT reports and audit trail reports are all available
    Context Sensitive Help Comprehensive and easy to use Help facilities

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