• ProspectSoft Web Solutions provide the ideal tool to help your business become more visible on the World Wide Web, and provides the ideal platform for growing your business on the internet. Solutions range from simple content management, to a fully integrated online store complete with secure customer portals.
    • E-Commerce
      With over 24.9 million active online shoppers in the UK alone, there has never been a better time to start selling your products on the internet. E-Commerce solutions provide full control of your online store, simplifying maintenance and integrating to your back office accounting system; enabling customer-specific special pricing, purchases on account, and more.

    • Advanced E-Commerce
      Advanced E-Commerce builds on standard E-Commerce, and allows customers to build a unique "My Store" solution through a secure online portal. Customers can build their own product groups and cost centres, then assign spend limits as required

    • Email Marketing
      The email marketing suite allows full control over your E-Marketing campaigns, integrating campaign data from your CRM system. Create instant HTML emails directly from a CRM mailmerge: including current special offers with customer-specific pricing, track click-throughs and log responses in the CRM database.

    • Search Engine Optimisation
      ProspectSoft Web Solutions make it easy to update your website content regularly, while on-site SEO elements are taken care of by the content management system.

    • Website Analytics
      Web Analytics provides key statistics on a range of website performance metrics. If that wasn't enough, web solutions can be easily integrated to Google Analytics, providing in-depth page stats, demographic reporting, sales funnel performace, and much more.

    • Content Management
      ProspectSoft Content Management system makes creating new pages and editing content fast and easy. With an easy-to-use point and click interface using a system of user-defined content placeholders pages can be created within a matter of minutes. Authority levels can then be set, streamlining content publishing and authorisation.

      ProspectSoft CMS also allows a range of other functionality, including breadcrumb navigation, dynamic menus and HTTPS support for secure certificates. Find out more about CMS version 3 in the more information box on the left.

    • Secure Client Portals and Document Sharing
      Secure client portals allows customers to access sensitive information online, such as order and delivery status. Secure payments can also be taken, with orders confirmed directly into the back-office accounting system.

      Through a secure portal, documents can be shared and version tracked with customers, partners, suppliers, and any other relevant parties.

    • Customer Service Management
      Online Help Desk allows you to manage every aspect of customer support, ranging to simply tracking customer problems and queries, to logging problems against specific inventory items at the customer's site. Customers can also search FAQs, browse previously resolved problems, and even log a new problem directly into your CRM system.

    Once armed with your business aims and budget allowances we will recommend the solution options most suitable for you. If you would like further information on ProspectSoft, please download the the PDFs from the More Information box on the left, or contact us.

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