• Core CRM System Modules:
    • XML API (Application Program Interface) - Integrate ProspectSoft CRM with many other applications
    • Screen Customizer - Tailor individual screens and data fields

    Then either or both of the following:
    • Business-to-Business contact management
    • Business-to-Consumer contact management

    Optional CRM System Modules

    Document Manager: Produce, store and version-track Word letters faxes and mail shots, Excel spreadsheets and Outlook e-mails, all within the ProspectSoft CRM database.

    Purchase History: View in considerable detail a supplier's orders over any period of time.

    Telephony Integration: Automatically call companies or individuals from any record, while incoming caller details are displayed clearly but unobtrusively.

    Problem Tracker: Customer problems or issues can be logged against any contact or sales lead, with details about problem type, status, incidence, or other user-defined categories.

    Problem Analysis Matrix: Enables users to position a customer enquiry or problem into any number of permutations using a simple tree-structure of drop-down lists.

    Campaign Manager: Organise, execute and analyse marketing campaigns, generating more leads and minimising cost per enquiry.

    InfoBase Searching: Build a library of resolved support issues for access by any member of the organisation, to provide rapid solutions to customer problems.

    Sales Lead Tracker: Manage individual sales opportunities across multiple contacts. Leads can be progressed through multiple user-defined steps before closure.

    Sales Ledger Integration: Non-accounting system users can access key sales ledger information quickly and easily.

    Service Contracts: Designed for management of products or systems covered by service, support or maintenance contracts.

    Sales History: In combination with Sales Ledger Integration, this module provides CRM users with considerable detail about a customer's purchases.

    Advanced Relationships: Allows users to create 'many to many' relationships between different objects in the database, allowing a user to see any 'third party' contacts or projects that may have a bearing on a sale or customer issue, but are not directly involved.

    Products and Pricing: Give both office-based and mobile users direct access to data held in the accounting system on product stock levels, prices and discounts.

    Real-time Data Tunnel: Companies that run ProspectSoft CRM alongside other databases are able to review and analyse information contained in those databases in real time.

    Quotation Engine: The Quotation Engine takes data from the accounts system to produce quotations, which can then be formatted in Word, Excel or PDF document templates.

    Report Writer and Toolkit: Info Maker is a fully integrated report writer and toolkit that enables a ProspectSoft CRM user to sort and present information in precisely the way the business needs it.

    Sales Orders: The Quotation Engine takes data from the accounts system to produce quotations, which can then be formatted in Word, Excel or PDF document templates.

    SOAP/.Net API: Any ProspectSoft CRM system can be integrated with other business applications running remotely over the Internet.

    Purchase Ledger Integration: Non-accounting system users can quickly access key purchase ledger information, including summary balances and individual transactions.

    Inventory Register: Allows users to register, track and resolve inventory related problems.

    Once armed with your business aims and budget allowances we will recommend the solution options most suitable for you. If you would like further information on ProspectSoft, please contact us.

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