• For most successful sales teams, being out on the road talking to clients and prospects is a key indication of success. In this situation you're going to want your CRM system to be fully available to your sales team, wherever they are. Indeed, research by the Gartner GroupĀ© showed that mobile workers equipped with communicating laptop computers are up to 40% more efficient that those without!

    In fact, Sam Al-Schamma, director of software enabling, EMEA at IntelĀ® describes ProspectSoft CRM Software as:
    "an example of how wireless technology is changing the way business is conducted."

    ProspectSoft CRM with eXtreme Mobility is optimised for use in today's global communications environment, using simple extensions to the software you are using today.

    ProspectSoft CRM software and solutions are structured to operate the way businesses want to operate. Customer or supplier information, including documents or accounting data, are instantly accessible to any LAN user. The same information is available to wide area network (WAN) users, so staff in other offices are always up to date. This is also true for managers, sales or service people on the road, with laptops, or PDAs, over GPRS, 3G or Wi-Fi connections. Mobile users can access and process customer information, for example, to take orders or to receive and update service calls.

    If you would like further information on ProspectSoft CRM Mobility, please contact us.

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