Expense management integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV puts expenses management on any smartphone or web browsing device. By uploading photos directly into the app, collecting and managing receipts ready to submit your expenses is a thing of the past, and can be approved from anywhere. 

Integrating seamlessly into Microsoft Dynamics NAV, reporting and processing can be done automatically after being checked, and is supported on recent versions of NAV using Zetadocs Capture Essentials or Zetadocs Capture Plus.



  • Photo Receipts

When inputting expenses, take a photo and upload it directly into the app/browser, all your receipts are kept safe and organised ready to be submitted.

  • Works On Any Device

Zetadocs Expenses is available as an app on iOS and Android devices and works in most popular browsers, meaning that it works on any smartphone, tablet or PC with an internet connection.

  • Set Your Own Limits

Zetadocs Expenses allows you to customise different types of expenses to create limits, show warnings and prevent expenses from being submitted when they break your own expense policy.

  • Multi Currency

Expenses can be entered in any currency and automatically converted accurately.

  • Approvals Anywhere

Managers can approve expenses on mobile or web browser, and are notified of any warnings or limits that may be set.

  • Overdue Reminders

Automatic reminder emails means that nobody forgets their expenses, and approvals always happen on time.

  • Total Visibility

All expenses are easily visible within NAV and reports can be saves and analysed all from one screen.

Download the datasheet here


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