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Pegasus have released a brand new Opera 3 feature designed to make being GDPR compliant simple for Opera 3 users. Discover what it can do below and contact your Account Manager, call us on 08000 195101 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

  • Across your Opera 3 system there are numerous areas that store personal data, from sales contacts and payroll records through to Cashbook and CRM. Individuals whose information you hold have the right to make a Subject Access Request (SAR), asking for precisely what information you hold on them. When you receive a SAR, you are required by law to provide them with a copy of the personal data you hold on them. When it comes to responding to SARs, the requirement is that you respond in the same format as that in which the request was made. If you therefore receive a SAR by email, responding to it and providing the data you hold should also be in electronic format.
    Do you know where that data is stored in Opera 3? Can you easily provide them with a copy of their information, especially if it needs to be in electronic format? If the answer is No, Opera 3 Personal Data Search can help you with exactly that.

    Personal Data Search is a simple to use and extremely effective tool for identifying personal data in Opera 3 and presenting it in the required format, a process which would otherwise take a considerable amount of time. It will be invaluable when you receive Subject Access Requests from customers, prospects, suppliers or employees and need to locate the relevant data and provide it in either printed or electronic format.

    Respond to subject access requests quickly and easily
    Personal Data Search is designed to help Opera 3 users locate personal data held within an Opera 3 company. All you need to do is enter the personal information you know and Personal Data Search will scan through Opera 3 and display a list of the records that match your search criteria. You can search using a wide range of criteria, from surname, postcode and email address to address line and phone number, as well as more detailed information such as customer account code and employee reference or NI number.
    The areas of the system that are searched include:
    • Sales Ledger: Customers and contacts
    • Purchase Ledger: Suppliers and contacts
    • CRML Sales Regions/Terrirories/Types/Routes/Despatch
    • CRM: Company processing, contact details, contact addresses, helpdesk calls
    • Nominal Ledger: banks
    • Cashbook: payees
    • Fixed Assets: locations and insurance companies
    • Payroll: employee details, pension scheme contacts, bank contacts
    • Personnel: employee details, including emergency contacts
    • People Profiles

    When you perform a search, the data that matches your search criteria is displayed alongside the related personal information such as address, telephone number, email address, etc. You can also see where that data is located, such as CRM, Personnel and so on. If your search has resulted in multiple individuals, this will help you to locate and select the correct contact more easily. You can then select which elements of this personal information to extract, and you have the option to print it, export to Excel or export as a .csv file, all of which are acceptable ways of providing the required information. This gives you all the flexibility you need to provide data in different formats when responding to a Subject Access Request, especially if you have to provide the information in electronic format.

    Personal Data Search is a chargeable feature of Opera 3. Please contact your Account Manager, call us on 08000 195101 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss.
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Pegasus Business Update Seminars - Register for an event

In 2018 there are multiple new legislative changes coming that will affect your business. As a Pegasus Opera 3 or Opera II customer, you will need to be aware of how GDPR, Making Tax Digital and Gender Pay Gap & Late Payment Reporting will be enforced, and it is imperative that your business is compliant. Profile and Pegasus are hosting three live seminars to update you on everything Opera 3 and Opera II, detailing the implications of the new legislation for remaining Opera II customers and ensuring that you are fully aware of what Pegasus are planning for Opera 3 to make sure you aren't caught out.

If you are an Opera 3 or Opera II customer these seminars will contain critical information and will also provide a great opportunity to meet the Pegasus and Profile teams and have your questions answered.

These seminars will also cover:

  • Opera 3 SQL Server Edition Overview & Product Demo
  • Pegasus Business Cloud
  • Pegasus Web Xchange, Payroll Self Service and the Mobile Sales App

Seminars will be held at the following locations and on the following dates:

[FULLY BOOKED] Tuesday 28th November – Hemel Hempstead (9:30am registration) 
Wednesday 6th December – Solihull (9:30am registration
Thursday 7th December – Maidstone (9:30am registration)

All Seminars are expected to finish at 1pm, with a tea / coffee break. Free parking will also be offered.

Please fill out the form below* to register to attend an event. More information regarding venues will be sent out prior to the events. If you have any questions please contact your Account Manager or call us in the office on 01442 236311.

*Please note that clicking submit will send the information and the page will refresh without confirmation.

MX-Relay Hosted Spam Filtering

Businesses are often targets of spam emails, they can range from harmless sales emails, scammers trying their luck or can contain harmful attachments or Ransomware disguised as regular files. These spam emails can clog up your inbox, making you miss the important emails you need to recieve, or worse can fall into the inbox of an unsuspecting employee and cause crippling infections, or expensive to remove ransomware holding your files for money. 

MX-Relay Hosted Spam Filtering catches unwanted spam/junk emails and viruses before they hits your server, all emails go through the MX-Relay Cloud on their way to your inbox so they handle all of the data load. MX-relay is charged monthly per domain name, so every inbox in your network is protected, and with no extra costs based on quantity of emails or number of inboxes. 

Speak to your account manager to discuss how MX-Relay can keep your inbox safer and spam free.

WatchGuard Firebox 

Hardware firewall's are designed to catch threats before it's too late. By the time software firewalls that exist on your server/PC detect a threat, it's already on your system, but hardware firewalls turn threats away at the door.

WatchGuard Firebox is one of the highest performing unified threat management (UTM) solutions on the market, their latest generation of hardware and firmware delivers ground breaking throughput and support for an unprecedented number of concurrent connections, placing WatchGuard well ahead of the competition. 

WatchGuard offers a Firebox for every occasion, ranging from tabletop appliances for your office to rack mounted ones for your servers. All your WatchGuard firewalls can be configured and monitored through a centralised management program.

WatchGuard Firebox offers:

  • Intrusion Prevention - real-time protection from network threats
  • URL Filtering - blocks malicious sites and tools to block inappropriate sites
  • Reputation-Based Threat Prevention - real-time protection from malicious sites and botnets using live data
  • Application Control - Full control over application restriction on a per user basis


Pegasus CIS 4.01 Latest Enhancements

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 Download the Enhancements Guide

Pegasus CIS provides companies operating in the construction industry an unparalleled level of control over every aspect of contract management so that they have all the information they need to make their projects run profitably. This latest release from Pegasus takes this further by providing additional features that make running contracts profitably more attainable. 

Pegasus CIS (4.01) sees the addition of a number of new enhancements. Existing users now have more functionality to improve the way they control and analyse their contracts. For new customers, the new features make Pegasus CIS a more compelling solution to implement because they’re based on user experience and bring real-world improvements to the Pegasus CIS proposition.

  • Amending Monthly Returns

    CIS Subcontractor Monthly Returns now allows previous returns to be amended and re-submitted as per the HMRC April 2016 guidelines. A full history of all submissions is also maintained for auditability. The following changes and enhancements have been made:
    • To allow amendments to be made to previous Monthly Returns, the system can now have more than one Monthly Return active at any one time. Therefore, all active Monthly Returns can now be found in a new "Current Monthly Returns" option under the "Monthly Return" menu. 
    • A new "Create Revision" operation has been added to the "Monthly Return History" screen. This allows a previously submitted Monthly Return to be amended and re-submitted whilst keeping the history and Submission References of all previous submissions.
    • Once a revision has been created for a Monthly Return, the payments included in the return can be amended and the Revised Monthly Returns can then be re-submitted. To make an amendment it may be required to revise two different Monthly Returns at the same time, e.g. to move a payment from period 2 to period 3, both months would have to be revised, the payment deselected on period 2 and selected on period 3, then both periods would need to be re-submitted.

    This is a particularly important enhancement because Subcontractor monthly returns need to be amended electronically, and Pegasus CIS now provides this functionality.
  • Data Analysis

    The following enhancements have been made for improved data analysis:
    • Subcontractor Transaction enquiry options have been added for Internal Valuation Transactions, Certificate Transactions and Payment Transactions. These are in addition to the existing All Subcontractor Transactions enquiry options.
    • The Certificate and Payment Transaction enquiries have been expanded to show a breakdown of the allocations and links to the original transaction they’ve been allocated to.
    • A Certificate Transactions enquiry has been added to Subcontractor Orders. Certificate Transactions and Payment Transactions on the Subcontractor record have been updated with allocation breakdowns.
  • XRL Integration

    Pegasus CIS (4.01) is compatible with the latest release of Pegasus XRL (1.64). Customers on earlier versions of Pegasus CIS who use Pegasus XRL can now upgrade to Pegasus CIS v4.01. This is particularly important to customers still on Pegasus CIS v3.00.50 because support for that version will cease at some point in the near future.

    Pegasus XRL allows Micrsoft Excel to access live data in Opera 3 at the click of a mouse, so you don't have to copy and paste, re-key or work out formulas.

    For more information click here 
  • Other Enhancements in CIS 4.01
    Pegasus CIS 4.01 enhancements also include:
    Partial Payments:
    The Subcontractor Partial Payments routine has been updated to allow gross labour and material values to be entered instead of a net value which is split pro-rata over the labour, material, discount and retention figures. This allows greater control over the labour and material split, and therefore the CIS tax payable.

    Date Validation:
    Transaction date validation routines have been added, with options to validate against previous and future financial years, closed and future financial periods and prior and future dates. This is designed to help ensure that transactions are posted into the correct accounting period.

    Plant Hire:
    The External Plant Hire routines "Mark Plant as Off Hire" and "Resume On Hire Status" have been updated so that when the Time on Job is being calculated and an invoice has already been raised against the item, the system will allow a different number of items to be entered than is actually on hire. This resolves a potential rounding error by allowing the user to specify both the Number of Items and the Time on Job.

  • Improved Usability

    There’s a whole range of enhancements in Pegasus CIS (4.01) designed to improve functionality and processing, and new fields have been added to a number of forms to record useful additional information. Here are a few of those improvements:

    Purchase Invoicing
    Specify VAT value and VAT value after discount when settlement discount has been applied. 

    Additional Fields
    A variety of additional fields have been added to subcontracter screens for more detailed data.

    Subcontractor verification
    Online Verifications can now be submitted even if the Subcontractor does not have a URN, CRN or NINO.

    Stock Search
    Stock lookups now allow for searching on the Preferred Supplier Reference field.

    Please see above enhancements documents for more details

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