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ERP doesn't need to be tied to a desktop. Priority is a modern solution that offers a variety of mobile ERP solutions. These mobile apps allow your employees who spend time in the field to access Priority functions and information wherever they are. On top of the ready-to-use apps included in Priority, the functionality to generate your own mobile app that fits your businesses own needs and workflow is included. 

>>>See it in action Watch how simple it is to create your own custom mobile app.

  • Priority's portfolio of ready-to-use mobile applications include:
    • Mobile Sales Force App - a mobile app for field sales reps
    • Mobile Service App - an app for field technicians
    • Proof of Delivery App - a management app for delivery teams
    • Warehouse App- an app for Priority's warehouse management systems
    • Mobile Point-of-Sale (POS) App - an app for retailers away from their shop
    • Purchase Approval App - an app that allows managers to approve purchases 
    • Employee Attendance App - an app that employees can use to sign their attendance

    These apps can benefit employees who are in the field, in meetings off-site, are working on-site, manufacturers, warehouses etc. 
  • Priority's mobile app generator enables businesses to create custom mobile apps without the need for IT support of development time. In minutes you can have a professional, user friendly app for customers that are all handled by the Mobile App Generator.

    Your employees are likely already using mobile apps in their day-to-day job and Priority's ready-to-use apps might cover most of their needs. However, businesses will have unique and specialised processes that an off-the-shelf app might not cover.

    With the Mobile App Generator, you can create apps that integrate directly to Priority's backend, with built-in security and user management. Once you've written the app once, it will run anywhere without the need for porting to specific devices or operating systems. 
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