• ProspectSoft CRM integrates seamlessly with several leading accounting software systems, putting critical information in the hands of customer facing employees. Accounts integration can benefit your business in the following ways:
    • Sales Ledger Integration
      CRM users can access and view the associated sales ledger account front screen, and even drill down to original invoice images where it is available.

      New Sales Ledger accounts can be created from within ProspectSoft CRM, while both the CRM software and the accounting software can maintain existing account address details. Sales ledger information is accessible to office-based CRM users and to those on the road.

    • Purchase Ledger Integration
      As with sales ledger integration, ProspectSoft CRM users can quickly and easily access key purchase ledger information, drill down to individual invoices, and create new purchase ledger accounts from within ProspectSoft CRM.

      Network users view ledger information in real time, while remote and mobile users have access through frequent updates. Where there are multiple suppliers of a product, their prices and delivery times can be compared.

    • Products and Pricing
      Stock and price details are updated to ProspectSoft CRM, so that users can confirm stock references, descriptions, and prices, along with standard discounts. Quotations can be generated in ProspectSoft CRM, using this stock and price information from the accounting software.

    • Sales Order Processing
      Quotations can be converted to orders for processing in the accounting system's SOP, all from within ProspectSoft CRM. This facility is also available to users on the road as part of our commitment to mobile computing.

    If you would like further information on ProspectSoft, please download the PDF from the More Information box on the left, or contact us. This PDF looks at why accounts integration is often one of the most important elements of a CRM project, and explains in detail how integration accounts can both cut costs and boost sales.

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