• Sage 200 Business Intelligence (BI) provides powerful analysis and reporting which will transform your data into meaningful intelligence for your company's needs. Critical management decisions can be made on complete, accurate information which is easily extracted. You will have a unified and integrated view of all your data, with complete management dashboards and analysis. As no technical knowledge or pre-requisites are required, you'll find it easy to get started. Sage 200 BI is a superior alternative to complex spreadsheet reporting with reports easy to create and automatically refreshed when the data is updated. It also comes with time-saving pre-defined reports, allowing you to analyse and understand information within Sage 200.

    The key benefits of Sage 200 BI are:
    • Pre-defined reports out-of-the-box
      Sage 200 BI is supplied with time saving, pre defined reports allowing you to analyse and understand financial information within your Sage 200 solution. For example - Profit & Loss report, worst paying customers, average sales month on month.

    • Reporting and analytics within the comfort of Microsoft® Excel
      Sage 200 BI brings business data into the familiar Microsoft Excel environment allowing quick analysis of company data from many different angles. This means the features of Excel, such as ease of formatting (layout and printing), calculations and macros can all be used to enhance the reports created using Sage 200 BI.

    • Make faster, more informed and confident decisions
      Sage 200 BI provides quick and easy access to information that has not typically been available through Sage 200. The report fields can be easily changed in seconds to allow quick and easy reporting and analysis.

    • Save essential time on reporting
      Sage 200 BI provides a superior alternative to complex spreadsheet reporting with reports easy to create, from easy to access data that is automatically refreshed. Sage 200 BI gives one version of the truth and reduces the need for complex time consuming spreadsheets which require manual intervention and manipulation.

    • Drill down
      Allows the you to easily go from a summary report to detailed analysis on specific items in the report. You can drill down through increasing levels of detail or to the transaction data for more detailed analysis.

    Once armed with your business aims and budget allowances we will recommend the solution options most suitable for you. If you would like further information on Sage 200 Business Intelligence, please download the PDFs or watch the presentation from the More Information box on the left, or contact us.

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