@Profile October 2018 - Be afraid, be very afraid

Welcome to the spooky October edition of our quarterly @Profile newsletter! In this ultra scary update we'll be reminding you that you're running out of time to react to the upcoming Making Tax Digital changes, telling you some scary stories and how you can ensure that they don't happen to your business, and letting you know how you can make your network more secure so you don't get any unwanted visitors when you least expect them... enjoy!

The Tax Man is coming for you

If you haven't been reading our emails and blogs over the last year then now is the time to be scared of Making Tax Digital! The changes come in to effect in April 2019 and you must be ready to submit your first VAT return via supported software. If you're using Opera II, then you already know that won't be possible and you must be planning to upgrade to Opera 3. 

If you're using Opera 3 then you should be aware that the functionality to submit your VAT already exists in the software, but you're running out of time to book any training, demonstrations or data table clearing that you may need. You do not want to be left behind when the legislative changes come in to effect, so you can't leave it too late. Call your Account Manager, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on 08000 195101 to discuss.

It's time to face your fears 

Everyone is scared of something, and businesses can have a lot to fear. How can you be sure you're not wasting man hours with unecessary work and manual processing? what if you're missing out on important new functionality? What if your software is no longer supported, or is reaching the end of its life? Recently we've seen how drastic changes in legislation can cause businesses to panic and realise their old software just won't cut it anymore. It's time to face your fears head on!

Profile recommends Pegasus Opera 3 SQL SE, the latest ERP release from Pegasus Software. Opera 3 SQL SE offers the latest functionality from Opera 3 but with the added power that comes with an SQL database. The ability to schedule tasks to run in the background or outside of busy hours alleviates any worries about wasted man hours, and being the latest version of Opera 3 you can be sure that it will be getting the latest functionality, legislative changes

Things that go bump in the night

It's probably a silly question, but do you close and lock your front door at night? I'm sure you turn on your security alarm before you leave the office for the day? Nobody wants unwanted visitors in their home, so they take precautions. Why aren't you doing the same for the sensitive information on your business network?

There are many weak points in a network, all it takes is an old and weak firewall, or a malicious email finding its way into the inbox of an unsuspecting colleague, Or even something as simple as an outdated antivirus solution, 

Manage customer debt effectively to improve cashflow

The Credit Management Centre provides credit controllers and those involved in debt management with a centralised, easy-to-use tool which consolidates all of the information needed for effective credit control. Easy-to-understand, real-time graphs display your overall financial status so you can quickly see what is owed, who owes it and how much money has been promised by customers. This gives you all the information you need to improve cashflow, reduce bad debt and improve the overall financial position of your business.

The Debt Management feature in the Credit Management Centre lets you create up to nine levels of debtor correspondence, such as debt recovery letter templates, to chase late payments. At least 60% of SMEs experience late customer payments and if you’re one of them, the Debt Management function will help you get paid faster and get your cashflow back on track.

  • Diary Actions report: Lists the diary actions that have been recorded, and can be exported to Excel. You can select to include actions for today only, from the last 7 days, from the last 30 days or for a range of dates. You can also include completed actions, notes added for actions, and actions that have been marked for follow-up.

    Promised Payments report: Lists the values of payments that have been promised to you by your customers, and can be exported to Excel. Promised payments and dates are recorded on diary actions. You can sequence the report by: account (grouped by the user or the value), user (grouped by the customer account or the value), value, balance and promised date.

    Action Types report: An analysis of the Diary Actions that have been entered. Separate totals are displayed for each action, outstanding actions, overdue actions and completed actions.

    Credit Management Groups report: Displays the total outstanding debt for each group.

    Outcome Types report: Lists an analysis of the Outcome Types for diary actions that have been entered. Separate totals are displayed for all Outcome Types, outstanding actions, overdue actions and completed actions grouped by Outcome Type.

    Credit Management Centre Accounts View

    • Easy-to-understand dashboard views of the overall financial position of your company and customers
    • Drill down behind key financial information, customer accounts, and transactions
    • Powerful filters allow you to manage customers that are over their credit limit and/or have overdue invoices
    • Create and organise customers into Credit Management Groups according to their Debt
    • Define custom Action Types and Outcome Types to be used with diary actions for recording activities and follow ups
    • Create and amend diary actions against individual customers or transactions, with an optional follow-up reminder via Notification Services
    • Record and revise Promised Payments against individual transactions or at account level
    • Integrates with the Opera 3 Sales Ledger with instant access to the Account view for historical information
    • Easily put accounts on or off Stop, increase or decrease credit limits, and re-organise accounts into different Credit Management Groups individually or in bulk
    • Dispute invoices and record the appropriate reason code
    • Print Statements, Copy Invoices and produce debtors letters
    • Keep on top of actions due for completion with the Diary view
    • Additional Credit Management reports including: Promised Payments & Diary Activities that can also be exported directly to Excel
    • Integrates with Pegasus Instant Messenger (PIM) and Pegasus XRL

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Customer Testimonials

We pride ourselves on the solutions we offer as well as our Systemcare Support. Don't just take our word for it, see some testimonials from our happy customers below. 


Agripower Ltd


 "Ultimately the benefit of Opera 3 and CIS to us is visibility of information and efficiency as a company"
Jerry Anderson

View the full testimonial video

Image result for B&M care logo

B&M Care Ltd


 “Profile have supported B&M Care's 25 care
homes and Head Office for over 10 years and have assisted us in the development of IT at our new care homes as well as a Head Office relocation. The relationship we have with the engineers and our account manager is the cornerstone of why the partnership has been so successful. They offer peace of mind, security and a quality service. It's the next best thing to having your own IT Department!”

-Angela Hunt, Business Development Manager


Amega Sciences

Amega Sciences Ltd

"Profile do a superb job and our business would not function without their continued support and expertise. Profile are always there for us and nothing is too much trouble. They always give their best to find solutions to our business needs.

Their knowledge has enabled us to continue using the Pegasus Opera and Operations software over the years and to develop and improve the system, and our use of it, in-line with various changes to our business."

-Eve Walpole, Finance Manager

CG Emailer for Capital Gold Accounts 

  • CG Emailer for Capital Gold Accounts allows you to save time and money by sending your statements, Invoices / Credit Notes, and Remittance Advices directly to your customers and suppliers via email. 


    The CG Emailer application can be used with any number of companies and can produce PDF files of your selected documents even if the document can be emailed. This makes CG Emailer a very useful means of keeping electronic backup copies of your documents for future reference.

    With CG Emailer you can also:

    • Attach a second PDF document, allowing you to send terms and conditions to customers with each invoice.
    • Request a read receipt with each email, so you know that your important documents arrived and have been opened by the recipient. 
    • Send emails via smtp without the need for an email client on the PC. This means you can use Hotmail and Gmail accounts etc.

     To find out more about CG Emailer for Capital Gold Accounts call 01442 236311 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to contact your sales manager.

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As you may or may not know Profile has sponsored the Whale and Dolphin Conservation for 11 years and we regularly get updates about a Dolphin that our money benefits named Bonnie.

Bonnie has just given birth to a new baby and WDC have sent us the first picture of mother and child, see below!

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