Online Filing Manager v4.00 Download

Please click the link below to download Online Filing Manager v4.00. This update is of high importance and caters for online submissions to the new HMRC Multi Digital Tax (MDTP) which will replace the Government Gateway in February 2018. This update must be done before MDTP is required.

If you have any trouble with downloading the file or upgrading your OFM version, please contact Profile Systemcare Support on 08450 660099 for assistance. This may be chargeable based on your Support Contract.


  1. Download the below file to your desktop or a downloads folder
  2. Browse to the file on your system 
  3. Right click and select 'extract all'
  4. Browse to the newly created 'Pegasus Online Filing Manager v4.00.00' folder
  5. right click setup.exe, click 'run as administrator' and follow the instructions on screen to complete the update


Download Online Filing Manager v4.00

Opera 3 & Opera II updates

Pegasus have also announced new versions of Opera 3 and Opera II, these contain the following updates:

  • Auto enrolment 'Staging Date'/'Duties Start Date' New employers are no longer given a staging date by the Pensions Regulator; they instead have what is referred to as a "Duties Start Date" which is the date that their first member of staff starts to work for them. The Staging Date field in Opera 3 and Opera II Payroll is now a dual purpose field which can be used for either a Staging Date or a Duties Start Date.
  • Serious Ill Health Payments and Scottish Tax Changes to FPS Opera 3 and Opera II now accommodates seriously ill health lump sum benefits to be reported in the full payment submission (FPS). Such payments are made where ill health and life expentancy is estimated to be less than one year. Opera 3 and Opera II also cater for FPS submissions for Scottish taxpaters who have a tax code operating on a non-cumulative basis.
  • D8 Tax Codes Opera 3 and Opera II now cater for new codes ranging from 'D2' up to and including 'D8', which HMRC introduced in order to cater for further powers given to the Scottish Parliament, which allow them to set their own income tax rates and thresholds for Scottish taxpayers. Currently D0 means 'All pay is taxed at 40%' and D1 means 'All pay is taxed at 45%'. Codes D2 to D8 have been added in order to offer flexibility in accommodating future additions of new tax bands.
  • Removal of redundant fields from WNAME in order to optimise future development.

If this affects you and you want to update your Opera 3 or Opera II to the latest versions please contact your Account Manager or call 01442 236311 to organise this.

KCPOS Intergrated EPOS 

Download Brochure

In today's fluid market, to succeed in retail you need to be able to react quickly to market demands. An integrated till system that links directly to your stock control and accounts package means that you have access to real-time information at the touch of a button. The same principal can be applied to any retail organisation - from one till on one site to multi-till and multi-site and company wide. This enables you to access on-demand business and company information with up to the minute stock control and cash level from all of your outlets.

Profile Technology Services can provide every aspect of a retail system from terminals, receipt printers, customer displays, barcode scanners, chip&pin and cash drawers - not to mention all the other computing hardware that make up our solutions. We offer a variety of hardware to suit your needs, but if you don't know which selection to choose, our experienced staff can help design and plan a system with you.

Kamarin Computers and Profile offer a full EPOS system, including the KCPOS software, the hardware to run it on and the know how to get you up and running with your choice of POS system. KCPOS tracks & analyses sales and reports on stock, pricing & sales. 

KCPOS Features

  • Easy to install, set up and maintain
  • Simple to use, can be fully trained in just one day
  • Fully customisable to your businesses needs and specification 
  • Easily expandable to match your businesses growth
  • Full integration with your accounts system

KCPOS works with Opera 3, Sage 950 and KC Back Office Accounts, all sales data is updated live between KCPOS and your chosen account system. 

KC eCommerce Link

KC eCommerce Link is a multichannel eCommerce software makes linking your eCommerce shopping cart to your accounting software system easier than ever before.


  • Live, real time data - Information is instantly shared and updated between your website and Pegasus Opera 3
  • Efficient stock control - all stock data is accessible and controllable through one channel
  • eCommerce solution - integrates OpenCart eCommerce solution with Pegasus Opera 3
  • Fully supported by Pegasus Opera 3 - no need for lengthy development times

NAVCommerce for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

  • NAVCommerce adds E-Commerce functionality to Microsoft Dynamics NAV, it is a complete integration platform for Magento E-Commerce built from the ground up to provide easy implimentation and integration without any modification of standard NAV objects.

    With NAVCommerce, there is no need to learn new software as it was built as an extension to NAV, your employees who use NAV will automatically know how to work with it. 

    NAVCommerce allows you to:
    • Start to enrich product data
    • Set up storefronts and categories
    • Publish your products online
    • Provide logins to your existing customers
    • Open registration for new customers
    • Run multiple B2B / B2C webshops, in multiple languages and currencies
    • All directly from NAV


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