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As the leading Pegasus Partner in the country and a Pegasus Centre of Excellence with nearly 30 years experience, we specialise in the SME sector and can offer best-practice advice across a wide range of sectors. By offering the whole Pegasus suite, Profile can build a complete ERP solution to optimise your business. 

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Pegasus offers a complete production control system that integrates manufacturing management, order processing and quality control.

Operations II is an ideal system for small to medium sized manufacturing companies looking to implement cost effective manufacturing solutions. It is a complete production system that integrates manufacturing management and quality control with the financial system. The profit on jobs can be assessed, purchase invoices matched against goods inward receipts, and stock control actively managed.

  • Operations II is modular in design and encompasses Production Control, Accounting and Quality Management. It processes data from sales orders through scheduling, production and material requirements planning to delivery and invoicing.

    Operations II integrates seamlessly with both Opera 3 and Opera II, as well as with Microsoft products, to provide a fully functional production and financial system. Moreover, one of the design principles of Pegasus Operations II is that it is an open system, so that Authorised developers can tailor your system to fulfil any special requirements your particular business has.

    Operations II

    Functionality summary
    • Job Costing
    • Stock Control
    • Sales Order Processing
    • Purchase Order Processing
    • Material Requirements Planning
    • Purchase Invoice Register
    • Price Matrix and History
    • Quotations
    • Traceability
    • Instrument Calibration
    • Production
    • Capacity Planning Link
    Operations II Utilities

    Profile offers a variety of utilities for Pegasus Operations II that allows the software to do more than you originally thought it could. Each one is designed to add more functionality to the existing Operations II modules, enabling you to achieve more with the same software. To find out more about these utilities, including a list of the ones we offer, their functions and prices, please visit our Profile Utilities page and contact us on 08000 195101 for more info.
  • Job Costing Key Features

    • Integrated with other modules so costs are automatically accumulated
    • Cost changes of materials automatically re-value the material costs to the job
    • Miscellaneous costs and timesheets can be posted to a job
    • Committed costs are taken from purchase orders raised specifically for the job
    • Materials issued to works orders or scrapped, can be reported
    • Materials can be posted directly from the Stock Control module to a job
    • Cost information on materials used in a job includes batch traceability information
    • Cost centre budgets and milestone dates can be entered and reported on
    • Work-In-Progress costs can be reported on

    Stock Control Key Features

    • Product group and ABC classifications
    • Batch control of stock movements with full traceability
    • Comprehensive interrogation of any element at any time
    • Full price change history with why and when
    • Own product code and prices for any number of preferred suppliers
    • Stock record links part code, drawing/issue numbers, quality plans, images
    • EU commodity codes, country of origin, weights
    • Alternative part codes, superseded parts with on-what-date
    • Stock unit and usage unit with conversion factors, buying units
    • 'Soft' Bill of Materials allows prototype and build-to-order jobs
    • Capability records defining your certification and scope, including service bulletins and overhaul

    Sales Order Processing Key Features

    • Prints acknowledgements, pro-forma, delivery notes, certificates of conformity and invoices
    • Fast-track production of manufacturing data directly from a sales order
    • Trial kit of what can be manufactured from component-free stock
    • Unlimited free text held against both sales order header and on the lines
    • Prevent processing of a sales order by marking it as being 'On Hold'
    • Settlement discount, overall discount and line discounts
    • Part kits referenced by single code appear as multiple parts on delivery note
    • EC VAT handling together with currency triangulation
    • Delivery pick lists can be directly converted into delivery notes and invoices
    • Sales order part codes can be based on customer part code reference

    Purchase Order Key Features

    • Prints purchase orders, goods inward inspection cards, goods received notes and rejection notes
    • Free issue receipts and customer returns are receipted into stock via the goods inward routine
    • Purchase orders can be raised manually or automatically from sales order demand
    • Job-specific purchase orders have receipts automatically allocated to that job
    • Multi-currency purchase orders with supplier part pricing
    • Unlimited free text held against a purchase order
    • Supplier approval, performance analysis and vendor rating
    • EC VAT handling together with currency triangulation
    • Purchase order part codes locating can be based on a supplier part code

    MRP Key Features

    • Orders, receipts and stock levels are compared to determine future stock shortages
    • Orders for Release report identifies orders that are overdue for release
    • Considers both firm and planned purchase orders and works orders
    • Preferred suppliers can be substituted when purchase orders are being automatically created
    • Automatic order generation will be in multiples of the purchasing pack size
    • Works orders can be automatically generated
    • Altered Bill of Materials for a specific job will be considered by the MRP system
    • Multiple MPSs can be run using different base data
    • Pegging facility will show you the source demand for a part code
    • Committed cost report shows time phasing of purchasing with cost commitments

    Purchase Invoice Register Key Features

    • Purchase Invoices can be placed on hold awaiting authorisation
    • Entry of both Purchase Invoices and Credit Notes
    • Discrepancies in pricing, quantities and unexpected charges highlighted
    • Range of analysis reports
    • Automatic cost price updating in both Stock and Job Costing modules
    • List of un-invoiced goods received
    • Stock write-off of un-invoiced receipts
    • True Stock Valuation report

    Price Matrix and History Key Features

    • Unlimited number of price lists can be defined
    • Modelling of new price lists based on existing price list, range of part codes or product types
    • Foreign currency price lists
    • Global price updates
    • Printing of customer price lists
    • Supplier quotes recorded, with searching for best price
    • Sales history reporting
    • Purchase history reporting

    Quotation Key Features

    • Produce quotations and proforma invoices which can include notes or customer contract information
    • Analyse the conversion rates of quotations to sales orders, and the numbers that have been lost over the past 12 months
    • Entry of supplier quotations for components that are not normally stocked, but might
    • be required for this particular customer quotation
    • Build up the material lists and the times involved to get an estimate of the costs of making a product
    • Chase quotations based on a Follow Up Date
    • Use quotations to create repeat sales orders for a customer, simply by modifying the quantities and delivery dates

    Traceability Key Features

    • Full batch traceability down to serial number level
    • Traceability of components used in various assemblies together with 'Recall List' showing which customers received
    • assemblies containing components from a faulty batch
    • Full breakdown of components used to manufacture a batch of items
    • Comprehensive searching functions including delivery notes, purchase orders, jobs and batch numbers
    • Input and maintenance of batch analysis data
    • Printing of batch analysis certificates

Opera 3 CRM integrates fully with Financials and Supply Chain applications and can be accessed by remote workers.

In today’s hectic business environment, employees need more tools and information to win new customers and manage existing customer relationships. With Customer Relationship Management (CRM) you gain total control over customers and prospects, whatever your goal.

>>> See it in action Watch the pre-recorded CRM webinar.

  • CRM is a fully integrated application of Opera 3 that gives you clear visibility into all stages of the sales process. From the first point of contact, you can manage prospects, convert prospects to customers, manage the customer relationship, report on their profitability and increase your business potential with them, all from one solution.

    By streamlining your marketing activity and sales cycle, Opera 3 gives you the power to manage progression from prospect to customer. It helps make sure you never miss an opportunity or lose sight of a customer, and gives the sales team vital access to all prospect and customer information, even when on the road.

    Once a prospect becomes a customer, you can continue to log actvity such as mailings, conversations, tasks and promotion. Opera 3 CRM integrates with Outlook, Excel and Word so that you can manage your communications.

    Seamless integration with Supply Chain Management and Financials eliminates re-keying and ensures account information is always close at hand.

    Opera 3 CRM pipeline report

    Opera 3 CRM makes it easy for you to generate specific quotations for a customer or prospect. You can also create tailored mailshots using contacts filtered by criteria or pre-defined groups, for more intelligent marketing. It analyse opportunities by referral method, type and competitor.

    Opera 3 CRM Today

    The Notification Services feature has been extended to the CRM application to improve Helpdesk Call communication. Notifications can be sent to users in the following scenarios; Creation of a new Helpdesk Call, the Status or Priority of an existing Helpdesk Call changing, the user receives ownership or is allocated an existing Helpdesk Call, and when a new or existing note on a Helpdesk Call has been added or amended.

    CRM Remote - access on the road

    CRM Remote

    When your sales team is out on the road, it is essential to be able to manage SPM data on the move.

    CRM Remote allows users to work offline with CRM and other Opera 3 related data with synchronisation of the CRM data back to the main system via a virtual private network (VPN) or local area network (LAN) connection.

    • Fully integrated application for Opera 3 eliminating the need to maintain data on several systems
    • Maintain company details: single point of entry for new prospects or cross-reference existing customers/suppliers from the Sales/Purchase ledgers
    • Maintain unlimited contact details (including site addresses) within a company
    • New contacts can automatically update your Microsoft Outlook address book
    • User definable fields and look ups for Contact, Company, and Opportunity forms
    • Send e-mail/e-shots and import incoming e-mail from Microsoft Outlook 2003
    • Record notes and history against a contact
    • Remote access available for sales people on the move
    • History automatically updated by activities that take place such as letters and mailshots
    • Record and track sales opportunities against a contact
    • Quotations can be generated for a customer or prospect and associated with a sales opportunity
    • Book appointments with a contact. These can be added automatically to your Outlook diary and recorded against the contacts history. Log 'to do' tasks against a contacts, opportunities, helpdesk calls or contracts.
    • Send e-mails via Microsoft Outlook for a contact or group
    • Generate mail shots (using Microsoft Word) for list of contacts/groups
    • Convert prospect/quotation details to live customer/sales order
    • Flexible reporting system via CRM reports, Excel allowing easy customisation
    • Sales funnel report
    • Sales forecasting reports, adjusted for probability. Analysis of sales by status/user/contact/company for a given date range.
    • Activity Reports, including time based reports
    • Set up call templates which also allows the automatic creation of Sales Opportunities when logging new Helpdesk Calls. Opportunities are added into the pipeline instantly; all linked back to the Helpdesk Call
    • Update all staff Outlook calendars via Outlook Meeting Request. All activities throughout CRM, and also any meeting requests to engineering/external staff through both the Summary and Resource Scheduler; can be added. What’s more, meeting invitations can be sent to one or more internal or external contacts. The recipients of the e-mail can then either accept the invitation, or reject it
Opera 3


Pegasus Opera 3

Pegasus Opera 3 is a complete business solution: it can be fully integrated throughout your business, removing the need to run separate finance, payroll, CRM or service systems.

Opera 3 SQL SE


Pegasus Opera 3 SQL SE

Pegasus Opera 3 SQL SE provides the same functionality but with the additional power that a SQL database brings. It allows you to make managing your business dramatically more efficient whilst making it simpler at the same time.

Pegasus CIS


Pegasus CIS

Pegasus CIS is a software solution specifically designed for the construction and contracting industries. Not only will it make you fully compliant with the taxman, it'll also bring astonishing efficiencies to your contract management.

Pegasus XRL


Pegasus XRL

Pegasus XRL allows Microsoft Excel to access live data in Opera 3 at the click of a mouse, so you don’t have to copy and paste, re-key or work out formulas.

Pegasus WebXchange


Pegasus WebXchange

The Pegasus Web Xchange is a secure and easy way to access your Opera 3 data on the go - anytime, anywhere and on a number of mobile devices. It will change the way you work and run your business.

Pegasus Capital Gold


Pegasus Capital Gold

Capital Gold has been specifically designed with ease of use in mind. It's intuitive and easy to learn whilst still providing powerful functionality for growing businesses. It's available for both Accounts and Payroll.

Operations II


Pegasus Operations II

Operations II is an ideal system for small to medium sized manufacturing companies looking to implement cost effective manufacturing solutions. It is a complete production system that integrates manufacturing management and quality control with the financial system.

Sage 200


Sage 200

Sage 200 is a business wide software solution for your growing business. It manages your finances, customers and business insight in one solution.

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