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WELCOME to The Profile Group of companies. No matter what line of business you are in, with increasingly demanding and global marketplaces, you will need effective business management and IT systems to enable you to remain competitive and profitable. Profile can help you. We provide hardware, software, networking, consultancy, training, maintenance and support services of the highest quality, which will constitute a total business solution for your organisation...

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Symantec Security

Symantec offer a range of security solutions; including antivirus for your PC, laptop or server, and email protection from harmful files and unwanted spam.

  • Symantec Endpoint Protection - Always on protection for your laptops, desktops and servers

    Having trusted antivirus software running on your system is key to protecting your business from infections which can find their way onto your system through the network, and from harmful files that could come from downloads, email attachments and come disguised as legitimate software.

    Symantec Endpoint Protection offers critical protection for every laptop, desktop and server in your business. Layers of protection are designed to keep your system safer by making it harder for a threat to penetrate it.

    Symantec protects against infections from:
    • Network Threats - Prevents infection from websites and threats using your internet as a way in
    • Files - Whether they're attached to an email or downloaded from the internet, Symantec Cloud detects harmful infections disguised as safe files 
    • USB storage devices - Detects harmful files and programs designed to clone information hidden on USB storage devices 
  • Symantec Cloud Email Monitoring

    Businesses are often targets of spam emails, they can range from harmless sales emails, scammers trying their luck or can contain harmful attachments or Ransomware disguised as regular files. These spam emails can clog up your inbox, making you miss the important emails you need to recieve, or worse can fall into the inbox of an unsuspecting employee and cause crippling infections, or expensive to remove ransomware holding your files for money.

    Symantec Cloud Email Monitoring catches unwanted/spam emails before they hit your server, all emails go through Symantec Cloud to stop spam, malware or ransomware from entering your system. Symantec Cloud Email Monitoring also protects your data and confidential emails, and encrypts outgoing emails to ensure complete protection.

  • Document Capture from Continia is a comprehensive solution for scanning invoices and other documents directly into NAV and offers automatic registration of documents, OCR data extraction, an advanced approval workflow, and a full-text searchable digital archive. Using Continia in Microsoft Dynamics NAV reduces the cost and time spent filing and organising documents and emails, makes files accessible from anywhere, and automates the approval process, freeing your documents and invoices from the confines of the office.

    Continia document capture makes it so easy to store and file documents, and access your important invoice approvals from anywhere through the Continia web portal.

    Document Capture
    • Quick and easy capture, documents are automatically downloaded and OCR-processed using pre-defined email addresses and folders
    • Automatically register invoices already containing data using the e-Documents add-on module
    • Create templates to speed up the process by automatically producing an invoice document

    • Invoices requiring approval are automatically sent to the approver in real time
    • Each approver recieves an email with an overview of invoices that require attention
    • Create pre-defined flows of specific approvers based on specific dimensions such as department, project etc
    • Continia web approval portal means that any employee can approve invoices and documents from wherever they are
    • full view of invoices available in the portal, including approvals and those still pending approval
  • Continia Expense Management lets you streamline the registration and approval of expense activites using your smartphone, a web browser and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Expense Management provides the option of a topical overview of incoming expenses directly from NAV. This gives you a complete overview of all expenses without having to use another system. Using continia to manage your expenses puts accounting back in control, approvals can be done directly in NAV, or using the Continia Expenses web portal, which takes the approals process out of NAV and into the hands of anyone with access to a web browser.

    Using the Continia Expenses app for smartphones, you can submit your expense information through a simple to use form, upload a photo of a reciept and send it directly to NAV to be approved. The Continia Expenses app and Continia Expenses web browser portal give you access to google maps, which can be used to calculate mileage easily and accurately.

    Expense Management
    • Registering a document is all it takes to submit your expenses to accounting
    • Everything is handled within NAV 
    • One license gives you access for NAV users, and submitters & approvers who have no access to NAV
    • Generates real time expense data in NAV
    • Automatically tracks VAT to alleviate manual posting

Opera 3

Pegasus Opera 3

Pegasus Opera 3 is a complete business solution: it can be fully integrated throughout your business, removing the need to run separate finance, payroll, CRM or service systems.

Dynamics Nav

Microsoft Dynamics Nav

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a very powerful, flexible and affordable complete business management solution for small and mid-sized organisations that helps to simplify and streamline highly specialised business processes.

Sage 200

Sage 200

Sage 200 is a business wide software solution for your growing business. It manages your finances, customers and business insight in one solution.



Customer Relationship Management Software Solutions (CRM Software) from ProspectSoft Ltd provided by Profile offers market leading flexibility, integration and mobility.

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